Responsible Gambling Policy

The Pin Up Casino has implemented several free tools using which players can control their gaming behavior, avoid addiction, and receive professional assistance. Pin Up India is ready to provide you with access to gambling services. Every player has an opportunity to block their account for a certain period of time.

How to Avoid Ludomania?

When gambling turns from a hobby into a way to make money, it can lead to serious consequences in all aspects of life, including work, personal relationships, family, finances, and so forth. To protect yourself and continue to have a pleasant and safe time at the Pin Up Casino, follow a few rules:

  • Place bets on real money only for entertainment purposes. Don’t try to get rich;
  • Don’t try to compensate for losses with new bets. With each failure, emotional stress increases, and in this state, rash decisions are often made;
  • Set limits on the time spent at the Casino and the amount of money you can lose while playing;
  • Don’t bet more than you can afford. Play with money you’re ready to lose, not with those that are borrowed or intended for your daily needs;
  • If you feel that you’re becoming addicted to gambling, ask the support service to block your profile for a while;
  • Don’t be scared to seek professional help from specialized organizations.

Signs of Gambling Addiction

The sooner you identify the problem of ludomania, the more effectively you’ll be able to act to prevent serious consequences. Here are the most common signs of addiction:

  • You make gambling your top priority and easily neglect studies, work, or relationships to spend more time at the Casino;
  • You’re playing not for fun, but to earn money;
  • Your family or friends are aware of your habit and worried that it may develop into something more dangerous;
  • You spend more time playing casino games instead of being with your loved ones;
  • You don’t keep records of the money spent on gambling;
  • You resorted to illegal methods of obtaining money for gambling (theft, deception);
  • You cut down your daily expenses and invest the remaining money in the games;
  • To leave the Casino, you need to spend all the money you have first;
  • After a failure, you try to make up for the losses immediately;
  • If you lose, you feel completely drained. You may have depressive or suicidal thoughts;
  • Gambling is your way to escape reality or get rid of depression or problems.

Even if you detected one or only a few signs, ask for professional help. It’s better not to delay this.

Self-Exclusion Function

Self-exclusion is one of the ways to control and manage your gaming behavior. By enabling it, you’ll temporarily or permanently block your Pin Up account. The support team will close access to your profile ‒ just contact them in a live chat.

Assistance for Players Who Suffer from Ludomania

The GambleAware organization consults players with problematic gaming behavior. The operator and the gambler are looking for an effective solution together. The more detailed information is published at

Special Software

There are several programs that restrict access to the websites selected by the user. If you want to filter the content that you see on the Internet, try the Net Nanny ( or CyberPatrol ( solutions.