Privacy Policy

Pin Up India tries to maintain the confidentiality of all players, therefore it collects a minimum of personal information during registration and verification procedures. Before creating an account in the casino, make sure that you’ve read the following Terms & Conditions.

Types of Data Collected

To fully use all the functions of the website, you’ll need to provide some information:

  • Up-to-date information about your identity. As any data changes, they should be updated in the profile settings;
  • All the data that you sent to the support service (complaints about problems, questions, etc.). The Casino stores all users’ requests in the database;
  • Financial data and history of transactions. Information about the payment system through which you make deposits and withdraw winnings;
  • Technical data. Information about your device, IP address, connection type, and so on.

To provide a convenient and personalized gaming experience for you, the Pin Up Casino collects cookies. Each time you visit the site, the system remembers information about you, for example, data for logging into your personal account. Next time, you’ll be identified as a registered player immediately, without having to additionally enter your username and password.

However, only the user decides whether to grant the administration access to their cookies or not. You can disable this feature at any time in your browser settings. Please note that when cookies are blocked, some Pin Up functions become unavailable.

The Casino informs players that their cookie files will be used during the gameplay. If you don’t take any measures, that is, don’t block the storage of cookies, the Pin Up will use this information automatically.

How the Casino Uses the Data Collected?

The process of collecting and using your personal information is completely transparent. The Pin Up Casino requires this data for several purposes:

  • To choose the appropriate advertising tools based on your preferences;
  • To provide you with quick access to the account;
  • To improve players’ gaming experience and the quality of services provided;
  • To identify you and prevent unauthorized access to the profile;
  • To use your data for publication in ratings and standings;
  • To notify users about personal promotions, tournaments, and other updates on the website.

Possible Data Disclosure

The Pin Up administration undertakes to protect the data of all users and prevent their transfer to third parties without legitimate grounds. The Casino has the right to disclose the personal information of players only if there’s a subpoena or other request from the competent authorities.

Change of Personal Information

Pin Up players have the opportunity to update their personal data. You can edit the following data in the “Profile” tab if needed:

  • Full name;
  • Email address;
  • Account ID;
  • Phone number;
  • Date of birth;
  • Country;
  • Zip code;
  • City;
  • Physical address.

To change the data, contact the support team in advance. They’ll give you access to edit your personal information.

Updates to the Pin Up Privacy Policy

Pin Up informs all users about changes to the Privacy Policy. The updated version of the document is published on the official website. For the changes to take effect, they must comply with the current Terms & Conditions of the Casino.

Support Team

The Pin Up support team is ready to answer all your questions related to the Privacy Policy. Contact the operator via email ( or in a live chat right on the website.